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You have to run your business, but you also have to provide quality patient care. The necessary functions of running a practice can’t be ignored, but neither can the people who come to you for hearing healthcare.

Without a solid business foundation built on reliable, proven processes, your practice can’t grow and thrive.

Just like an engine doesn’t perform without all cylinders firing properly, your business won’t run smoothly or powerfully if there are flaws or oversights in your business functions and processes.

But we’ve got a solution that covers all of the bases and will have all facets of your business operating at its full potential – giving you back time, money, and peace of mind.

Through exhaustive trial and error, we’ve found the best of the best in marketing automation, bookkeeping and management of financials, and automated billing solutions and have brought them all together to provide one affordable proven solution to run your business.

You’ve got profit leaks
You’re missing opportunities to connect with patients and prospects
You have gaps with insurance and credentialing
And more…

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When I was starting my practice, my goal was to hire the best of the best in business support services to help me do all the things I couldn’t do while trying to provide excellent patient care. The time I wanted to spend on the people coming through my door was being compromised with trying to run the day-to-day business functions: keeping in touch with patients, making sure my books were accurate and up-to-date, and invoicing and collecting payments. I started looking for resources to help me and had to sort through a lot of companies who made big claims they never lived up to. They were either too expensive or inexperienced in the areas where they claimed to have expertise. After an exhaustive search, I found three resources that fundamentally changed my business and my life. I had more profits, more free time, and was ultimately able to offer a higher quality of patient care.

I finally found the world-class experts I needed to help me grow my business while I focused on what mattered to me most: my patients. I’ve brought them all together under one roof to save you the guesswork and trial and error I had to go through. I not only saved time, but I watched my practice turn into a regional brand now serving patients in 23 locations. None of this would’ve been possible without the RAD solution.

Going it alone and trying to wear all the business support hats was a disappointing and expensive journey that I’d like to help you avoid. Powered by RAD means you’ve got proven industry experts handling your core business functions so you can focus on providing patient care and enjoying the work you do every day.

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We offer a complimentary business analysis to help you find out where your business might be missing opportunities to connect with patients and prospects, losing profits, and creating unnecessary gaps in insurance and credentialing.

Receive a comprehensive business analysis. Our accounting, marketing, and billing solutions professionals will evaluate your practice and offer a tangible business strategy – with no obligation to purchase our services.

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